Corsica and Sardinia Yacht Charter

Corsica and Sardinia Yacht Charter

Book a Corsica and Sardinia Yacht Charter on a boutique hotel afloat. Cruise around these magnificent islands for a holiday of a lifetime. Most importantly, you can enjoy brilliant royal blue skies. With turquoise clear blue Mediterranean seas. Besides that, this is the perfect family destination. Great for the kids to have fun. Because we can recommend charter yachts with amazing watersports equipment. The kids can enjoy playing for hours. Superyachts even offer inflatable waterslides. Fun for kids of all ages!

The French Island Of Corsica

The island of Corsica is a French island. However it retains an Italian culture. It is located to the north of Sardinia. Corsica is a mountainous island, covered with dense forest. It has numerous stylish coastal towns. Perfect to visit aboard your yacht. Most importantly, the waters are crystal clear. Besides that, if you enjoy hiking then this is the island for you. Nearly half of the island belongs to a park. It is covered with hiking trials, therefore, perfect to explore.

The Italian Island Of Sardinia

The large Italian island of Sardinia neighbours Corsica. It is blessed with white sandy beaches. The interior of the island is mountainous. Besides that, it offers numerous hiking trails. The cuisine and wine ashore is amazing. Sardinia is famous for it’s delicious seafood dishes. Italian wines are plentiful ashore and excellent.

Puerto Cervo

Puerto Cervo is located on the northern coast of Sicily. It is home to the famous Yacht Club Costa Smeralda. Created by the Aga Khan and other investors. YCCS is one of the most exclusive luxury resorts of the world. Offering a luxury marina suitable for Superyachts. Therefore, this is a location to visit. Besides that, enjoy an amazing dinner ashore in the restaurant. Sailing around this area on a Sailing Yacht is perfect. YCCS hold numerous sailing regattas throughout the summer. Besides that, the Loro Piana Superyacht Regattas is also held here . Therefore, you can charter a luxury sailing yacht to participate. Most importantly, professional race crew will be aboard your charter yacht. Therefore, you can relax and enjoy the racing with your friends. The after race parties are fantastic fun!

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