Greece Yacht Charter

Greece Yacht Charter

Visit the stunning Greek island of Santorini on a Greece Yacht Charter. Cruise around the fantastic Cyclades Islands on your private luxury yacht. Most importantly, Greece has so much to offer! The azure blue water of the Mediterranean are waiting! Besides that, exploring the Greek islands by yacht is the perfect way to explore.

Greece is an extremely relaxed destination. Because it's the equivalent of the Caribbean of the Mediterranean. It's a great sailing destination. Most importantly, it's perfect for all types of tourists. It's perfect for families, idea for couples and great for groups of friends.

Local Delicacies

Spend some time ashore and sample the local Greek delicacies. It's always fun to visit a local Tavernas in Greece and sample the local cuisine. Dolmas made with vine leaves and stuffed with savoury mince meat is a firm favourite. Try the local drink of Ouzo. This aniseed flavoured liquor is usually served neat over ice, or with cold water added.


An extremely popular area to cruise in Greece is around the Cyclades. Because excellent flights are available to Athens. This is usually where you will start and finish your luxury yacht charter. Besides that, it offers excellent marinas for the yachts.

A sample 7 night cruise for a motor yacht would include the stunning islands of Kea, Mykonos, Kourfonisia, Santorini, Milos, and Sifnos.

With a sailing yacht you would need to either extend your trip or revise your itinerary. Because, due to the additional time that it would take to sail to all of these islands.


We can help you plan your perfect itinerary so that you get to visit the islands that are on your wish list.

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