Italian Riviera Yacht Charter

Italian Riviera Yacht Charter

Book an Italian Riviera Yacht Charter for an outstanding holiday. With stunning scenery and amazing Italian cuisine. Besides that, if you’ve previously explored the French Riviera, why not explore somewhere different this year. Because we can offer you the perfect yacht for your holiday. And, most importantly, offer you free advice about the destination.


Portofino is one port that you must visit on your Med Crewed Yacht Charter. This pretty harbour combines both local fishing boats with the Superyachts. Portofino has pretty coloured buildings along the seafront. Behind the town is a steep hill covered with olive groves. Therefore, this port is simply stunning!

Stroll ashore and enjoy a true Italian espresso coffee. View your charter yacht as you relax and let the world drift by. Most importantly, there are plenty of local bars to visit. You can enjoy a local beer or glass of chilled Italian wine. Besides that, if you are feeling energetic you can walk up the hill. Here you can look down on the port for that classic Portofino photograph.

Portofino is the St Tropez of Italy. Filled with restaurants and café bars ,it’s fantastic!

If you like scuba diving then this is the perfect spot. Because we can recommend luxury charter yachts that offer FREE diving. Your yacht will have either a PADI Instructor of Divemaster aboard. Besides that, there are some great dive sites around Portofino.

Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre is an amazing area. Perched high on the cliff, the colourful apartments look down into the bay and out to sea. Most importantly, you will not be disappointed visiting this port. With excellent restaurants ashore serving amazing Italian cuisine. Your luxury charter yacht will anchor in the bay with the local fishing boats.

There are five small villages that make up this area. They are linked with a Cliffside hiking trail called Sentiero Azzurro. This trail is amazing! Because it offers stunning dramatic views out to sea from the rugged coastline.


Genoa is a large seaport. Offering luxury yacht marinas that are able to accommodate Superyachts. Besides that, it is a safe haven for local yachts. Therefore, this is the yachting hub of the Italian Riviera. Genoa is home to the annual charter yacht show every April. You will start and finish your luxury cruise from this location.

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