Sicily Yacht Charter

Sicily Yacht Charter

Book a Sicily Yacht Charter. Sail around this beautiful island on your next Mediterranean Yacht Charter. Most importantly, we have some amazing fully crewed Sailing Yachts available.

Sicily is the largest Mediterranean island located off the southern tip of Italy. This island is blessed with amazing beaches and bays. Most importantly, Sicily is steeped in ancient history. Besides that, it offers the most delicious local cuisine. Because Sicily is home to Mount Etna, the famous volcano. Fantastic lighting displays will light up the evening skies.

Sicily is a perfect yachting destination for families, couples and for groups of friends. Therefore, it offers something for everyone.


Messina located to the north east of Sicily is the perfect spot to join your charter yacht. Because it has an excellent yacht marina with great facilities. Located directly opposite to the mainland of Italy. Besides that, it is famous for the Messina Strait. The fast flowing currents attract local fishermen. Therefore, watch the fishing boats with their enormous towers, as they go out fishing. Someone climbs to the very top of the tall wooden tower. Most importantly, their job is to spot the prize catch. Swordfish, the local delicacy. These fearless men climb an enormous height. Because, they can spot the fish in the distance. Therefore, the local restaurants serve delicious freshly caught seafood.


Sicily is blessed with stunning white sandy beaches and beautiful bays. Anchor in a secluded bay. Therefore, you can dive into the crystal clear water directly from your yacht. Most importantly, if you like diving we can recommend a charter yacht that offers FREE Scuba Diving. Besides that, snorkelling is fantastic as the visibility is so good!


Sicily is famous for its delicious local cuisine. Dine ashore and sample scrumptious pasta dishes. Besides that, the menu is filled with amazing fish dishes. Sample the excellent local Sicilian wine.

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